Monday, October 13, 2008

The year 1933

This is the house my Mother built in Efpalion:

The new year was the beginning of semi awareness for JM; he remembers having an excruciating pain radiating from his buttock, he could feel the area of the pain but he could not see it, he could feel it with his hand and wanted to scratch it but he was told it might fester causing infection. That scar has left its mark an his buttock and JM can still feel it.

This picture tells the story of the nickname that JM lived with for many a year; his short pants, altho in fashion today, reminded the children in Efpalion of a "Chinaman" or Kinezos, so the nickname "Kinezos" was synonymous  with JM.( Maybe Thalia will love to see this photo..)

The first trouble that JM remembers getting into was when a package from his father to his mother arrived from America. Mother, sister and brother gathered to see what was in the box and when it was finally opened  a shining silver Bulova watch for Mother appeared, everybody was in awe to see such a stunning  timepiece, a beautiful work of art. his mother put the watch on her wrist and  tears started rolling  down her face. JM was very exited to see such an awesome object. He wanted to hold it in his hand, his mother gently remove it from her wrist and carefully placed it on JM’s hand. Unfortunately JM dropped it on the floor. As of this day he does not remember if the Bulova was damaged or not, even now he does not know.   His mother's expression was transformed  from a happy  joyous one to bewilderment, a cloud of guilt came over JM. Needless to say all but his  mother berated him and he was left alone in his own  misery.