Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long ago 1930-1932

                                                    Mother Sotiria, sister Athena and JBM

1930 1932. It was the time when JM was sailing to old Europe, when two cosmic events appeared on the horizon: the constellation of Gemini and the constellation of Sagittarius, and all the stars were blinking with joy at each other.

In 1932 Gemini was escorting  JM, Sagittarius was 

escorting Mimi to find each other. It was the Yearof the Monkey.  Many years later the Horse and the Dragon  saw each other again.

June 17th 1932. JM  stepped on Greek soil,confused and frightened and crying. He was dropped in Patras, Dervenakiou 10, just inside the door looking up at an endless stairway and seeing no one. To his left there was a closed door and there

 was no one around. He must have felt abandoned. For the first time a new sibling appeared. It was his older brother Xristos. He was ten years older than JM.

                                                                                      Efpalion in 1980

Even now, 76 years later, JM still hurts. He was told but didn’t understand that Efpalion was his next stop and might become the permanent settlement  for his family. It was the town of his grandparents’ house,  and where his mother built the house which still stands in the village.

JM's grand fathers home in Efpalion


Bill said...

Still hurts? In what way? I never knew, saw, or see that. You are a guiding light. You both are, and always will be. No need to hurt anymore.

Bill said...

and that little guy on the right sure looks a lot like me!

Pauli said...

That little guy on the right looks like your grandson John, too. More later. -p

Pauli said...

What did Christos say or do? Any memories of that? What a scary feeling of abandonment and confusion.

Three year olds are at a stage where they are testing out theories, and will ask things like "Are we going swimming?" when the whole rest of the family has swimming suits on. Just checking at that age, to see if their understanding is correct. Sounds weird to adults, but that's what's happening.

So, all your theories were tested to the max what with your change of habitat, and meeting a new, older brother. No wonder you like philosophy. There's a sure-fire theory checking field.

Yiannis said...

JM was only two years old, does not remember his brother Xristos as such at that time, it was only the presence of a new individual , someone beside his mother.
In the near future you will read changes of habitat, recognizing siblings and effects of a new culture.

Kitty Cat said...
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Kitty Cat said...

better chime in before Chris, who is out of the will now)
our JM is a wealth of information, and so is my Mom.
am here at the ancestoral home, we will do some scanning of photos and get many more blog entries...

i think we all reacted to that "still hurts"--
fascinated by the blog, maybe Mimi will gust star once in awhile.